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Filming for CBBC with Dr. Chris van Tulleken from Operation Ouch!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

CBBC's Dr. Chris van Tulleken with TVP lab Research Assistant Agnes Lukasik & PhD student Jennie Leggat.

On Friday July 12th 2019, Dr. Chris van Tulleken from CBBC's Operation Ouch! visited the lab to hear more about our research on adipose tissue. TVP lab PhD student Jennie Leggat talked to him about how adipose tissue expands as we get fat, and what can happen when our adipose tissue can't expand any further (see our research on the Adipose Tissue Expandability Hypothesis). The episode aired on CBBC on Wednesday December 18th 2019 and can still be viewed on BBC iPlayer - find it here.

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