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Congratulations to Adrian Yu-Hung Lin on passing his PhD viva

Our colleague Yu-Hung Li (Adrian) obtained his PhD on Monday. His research investigated the role of THADA (thyroid adenoma-associated protein) on energy metabolism. He was examined by Prof Antonio Zorzano and Dr Andrew Murray, and supervised by my colleague Dr Sergio Rodriguez Cuenca.

Adrian was a unique student, very mature, and already trained as a surgeon in liver transplantation and bariatric surgery in Taiwan. He came to Cambridge determined to do basic research on a challenging project at a challenging time. He came with his wife and two children. His PhD was interrupted due to a serious family problem, and he went back to Taiwan. I honestly thought he would not be able to come back, but six months later he was back in the lab. He was very resilient, focused and nicely humble, and has inspired our lab by showing that you can accomplish something when you are passionate about it. He is one of these guys that genuinely we are all happy and proud of his accomplishment. Adrian is now back in Taiwan where he is opening his lab. We wish him luck and from here we offer him our support to launch his career there.

Thanks very much for your brilliant contribution to the TVPLab

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