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Congratulations Jennie on passing your PhD viva, without corrections!! We are very proud of you!!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Jennie Leggat is now Dr Leggat. She just defended her PhD with no corrections. She now knows everything about the link between fatty liver and diastolic heart failure. Drama until the last moment when she messaged at 6 a.m. saying she was sick with something that looked like covid. She managed to still do it despite the fact she was not doing great. I am very thankful to Professors Mark Kearney and Christi Deaton for examining Jennie fully masked and at opposite sides of the room… Jennie’s PhD was challenging, she was bridging two fields, but she succeeded in working closely within the TVPLab led by Guillaume Bidault, with our cardiometabolic colleagues from the Cambridge LHRI institute, Thomas Krieg, Ana Vujic, Amy Ko, Hiran Prag and our partner Roger Foo from the National University of Singapore. Thanks to all for their engagement and support. I feel happy and relieved that after a few hard years of hardship, Jennie is ready to start the next step

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