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Dr. Vanessa Pellegrinelli



About me

I am a Research Associate working on different aspects of adipose tissue structural networks including  extracellular matrix remodelling.

Research Interests

By combining in vivo and in vitro ​models mimicking pathophysiological conditions with imaging and systems biology approaches, I am investigating how impaired adipose tissue plasticity may influence tissue functionality.



Pellegrinelli V, Peirce VJ, Howard L, Virtue S, Türei D, Senzacqua M, Frontini A, Dalley JW, Horton AR, Bidault G, Severi I, Whittle A, Rahmouni K, Saez-Rodriguez J, Cinti S, Davies AM, Vidal-Puig A. Nat Commun, 2018.

Pellegrinelli V, Rouault C, Rodriguez-Cuenca S, Albert V, Edom-Vovard F, Vidal-Puig A, Clément K, Butler-Browne G, Lacasa D. Human adipocytes induce inflammation and atrophy in muscle cells during obesity. Diabetes, 2015.


Pellegrinelli V, Heuvingh J, du Roure O, Rouault C, Devulder A, Klein C, Lacasa M, Clément E, Lacasa D, Clément K. Human adipocyte function is impacted by mechanical cues.J Pathol, 2014.


Pellegrinelli V, Rouault C, Veyrie N, Clément K and Lacasa D.Endothelial Cells From Visceral Adipose Tissue Disrupt Adipocyte Functions In A 3D Setting: Partial Rescue By Angiopoietin-1. Diabetes, 2014.


Lacasa D, Pellegrinelli V, Keophiphath M, Clement K. International patent UPMC N°PCT/IB2011/O52241, WO2011148310-A1; FR2960549-A1; AU2011259756-A1; CA2800667-A1; EP2576770-A1; CN102985533-A; JP2013526291-W; US2013183706-A1.« Culture procedure of human mature adipocytes »

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