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Can you support our research?

Obesity rates are continuing to rise worldwide and it is inevitable that associated illnesses, such as liver disease and diabetes will follow the same trend unless new therapeutic approaches are developed.

We aim to tackle these global problems at all levels, from prevention to treatment by better understanding the mechanisms driving obesity and how an excess of nutrients and fat can lead to the development of metabolic problems.

Every day we move closer to understanding the complex processes driving human disease and closer to developing new treatments. We hope that in the not too distant future the lives of millions of people will be improved thanks to the work we are doing today.

Help to make a difference by supporting basic research into obesity and its associated metabolic problems. We ensure that only the most rigorous science, which is directly relevant to human health, is funded.

You can make a secure, one-off donation online now in the knowledge that your generous gift will help:

  • Fund cutting edge research into the biology behind obesity

  • Speed up the process of identifying new clinical strategies and drug targets to treat a range of increasingly common metabolic illnesses.

  • Translate basic scientific research into real improvements in human health

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