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Dr. Sonia Rodriguez-Fernandez


About me

Graduated with Honours in Biology from the  University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain, 2013).

MsC in Biology and Clinic of Cancer from the University of Salamanca (Spain, 2014).

PhD in Biosciences: cancer biology and treatment and translational medicine (University of Salamanca, 2019).

Postdoctoral fellow in TVP lab since Nov 2019.


Research Interests

My main aim is to characterize the step-wise molecular mechanisms that regulate brown adipose tissue development and activation in humans and find valuable information that could be used to improve thermogenesis in obese patients.



Rodríguez-Fdez, S.*, Lorenzo-Martín, L.F., Fernández-Pisonero, I., Porteiro, B., Veyrat-Durebex, C., Beiroa, D., Al-Massadi, O., Abad, A., Diéguez, C., Coppari, R., Nogueiras, R., and Bustelo, X.R. (2020). Vav2 catalysis-dependent pathways contribute to skeletal muscle growth and glucose homeostasis. Nat Commun 11, 5808 (2020).


Lorenzo-Martín, L.F.*, Rodríguez-Fdez, S.*, Fabbiano, S.*, Abad, A., Garcia-Macias, M., Dosil, M., Cuadrado, M., Robles-Valero, J., and Bustelo, X.R. (2020). Vav2 pharmaco-mimetic mice reveal the therapeutic value and caveats of the catalytic inactivation of a Rho exchange factor. Oncogene 39: 5098-5111.


Rodríguez-Fdez, S.*, Nevado, L.F, Lorenzo-Martín, L.F. and Bustelo, X.R. (2020). Lysine acetylation reshapes the downstream signaling landscape of Vav1 in lymphocytes. Cells 9: 609.


Rodríguez-Fdez, S.*, Citterio, C., Lorenzo-Martín, L.F., Baltanás-Copado, J., Llorente-González, C., Corbalán-García, S., Vicente-Manzanares, M., and Bustelo, X.R. (2019). Phosphatidylinositol monophosphates regulate optimal Vav1 signaling output. Cells 8: 1649.


Barreira, M., Rodríguez-Fdez, S.*, and Bustelo, X.R. (2018). New Insights into the Vav1 Activation Cycle in Lymphocytes. Cell Signal 45: 132–144


Rodríguez-Fdez, S.*, and Bustelo, X.R. (2019). The Vav GEF family: an evolutionary and functional perspective. Cells 8: 465

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