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Dr. Eun Young Lee


About me

I am a visiting researcher from Japan. I joined the TVP lab in 2018. I am interested in understanding how glucose- and energy-homeostasis is regulated under physiological conditions.


Research Interests

My research has focused mainly on mouse studies clarifying how our body handles multi-tissue interplay, such as brain-liver-pancreas-adipose tissue-muscle-gut axis for maintaining glucose- and energy-homeostasis, and how it is dysregulated under pathophysiological conditions, such as obesity and diabetes mellitus. These crosstalk among tissues would be mediated by some metabolites including fatty acids, lipids and hormones secreted by tissue, or through sympathetic nervous system. My aim is to search for such metabolites and to clarify their physiological importance. In addition, I would like to pursuit their molecular mechanism at the cellular level using in vitro approaches.



Lee, E.Y., L. Miedzybrodzka, E., Zhang, X., Hatano, R., Miyamoto, J., Kimura, I., Fujimoto, K., Uematsu, S., Rodriguez-Cuenca, S., Vidal-Puig, A., M.Gribble, F., Reimann, F., Miki, T. (2019) Diet-induced obese mice and leptin-deficient Lepob/ob mice exhibit increased circulating GIP levels produced by different mechanisms.Int.J.Mol.Sci. 4448.

Lee, E.Y., Zhang, X., Miyamoto, J., Kimura, I., Tanaka, T., Furusawa, K., Jomori, T., Fujimoto, K., Uematsu, S., Miki, T. (2018) Gut carbohydrate inhibits GIP secretion via a microbiota/SCFA/FFAR3 pathway. J Endocrinol 239:267-76.

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Morimoto, M.*, Lee, E.Y.* (* co-first authors), Zhang, X., Inaba, Y., Inoue, H., Ogawa, M., Shirasawa, T., Yokosuka, O., Miki, T. (2016) Eicosapentaenoic acid ameliorates hyperglycemia in high-fat diet-sensitive diabetes mice in conjunction with restoration of hypoadiponectinemia. Nutr Diabetes 6, e213.

Morita, A., Mukai, E., Hiratsuka, A., Takatani, T., Iwanaga, T., Lee, EY., Miki T.   (2016) Distinct effects of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor and glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist on islet morphology and function.  Endocrine 51:429-39.

Hirono, S.*, Lee, E.Y.* (* co-first authors), Kuribayashi, S., Fukuda, T., Saeki, N., Minokoshi, Y., Iwanaga, T., Miki, T. (2016) Importance of adult Dmbx1 in long-lasting orexigenic effect of agouti-related peptide. Endocrinology 157:245-57.  

Lee, E.Y., Sakurai, K., Zhang, X., Toda, C., Tanaka, T., Jiang, M., Shirasawa, T., Tachibana, K., Yokote, K., Vidal-Puig, A., Minokoshi, Y., Miki, T. (2015) Unsuppressed lipolysis in adipocytes is linked with enhanced gluconeogenesis and altered bile acid physiology in InsrP1195L/+ mice fed high-fat-diet.  Scientific Reports 5:17565.  

Lee, E.Y., Kaneko, S., Jutabha, P., Zhang, X., Seino, S., Jomori, T., Anzai, N., Miki, T. (2015) Distinct action of the α-glucosidase inhibitor miglitol on SGLT3, enteroendocrine cells, and GLP1 secretion. J Endocrinol 224:205-14

Mukaia, E., Ohta T., Kawamura H., Lee, E.Y., Morita A., Sasase T., Miyajima K., Inagaki N., Iwanaga T., Miki T. (2014) Enhanced vascular endothelial growth factor signaling in islets contributes to β cell injury and consequential diabetes in spontaneously diabetic Torii rats. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 106:303-11.

Seino Y, Miki M, Fujimoto W, Lee, E.Y.,Takahashi Y, Minami K, Oiso Y, Seino S (2013) Cephalic phase insulin secretion is KATP channel-independent. J Endocrinol 218:25-33.

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