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Possawee Prasertsuk


About me

Wonders and scientific curiosity about mechanisms governing cellular processes in physiological and pathological conditions have inspired me to pursue studies in life science. I embarked on exploring chemistry (BSc in Chemistry, Mahidol University, 2014-2018), stem cell biology (MSc in Genes, Drugs and Stem Cells (Novel Therapies), Imperial College London, 2019-2020), gene therapy, and, currently, metabolic science (PhD in Clinical Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, 2021-Present) because of their enormous potential to help understand and develop cures to restore effective functions of the body.

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Research Interests

I would like to unravel molecular mechanisms of thermogenic adipocytes in order to accelerate progress towards extending humans’ metabolic healthspan. With regard to my PhD project, the aim is to identify targetable signalling pathways which could improve brown adipocyte differentiation.

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